Thursday, January 21, 2016


I snapped a photo of my lunch earlier and not long later got a comment on Instagram that it was not at Couple Cinos, a cafe run by some friends!  True.  Well, Nemo, this is just to prove to you that I often prefer the comforts of home at lunch-time!

This is a quick, fresh lunch put together quickly from a range of ingredients that were on hand.  The flavours were lovely and I could easily have eaten more serves. However, the time has come to get on the straight and narrow after the eating excesses of the Christmas and New Year season.

For the wholegrain rice pilau, I used the remains of a packet of Tilda wholegrain pilau which I am very partial too.  It is wholegrain basmati flavoured with cummin, curry leaf and fenugreek.  If you wanted to add your own rice, I would add some extra cummin, curry leaf and fenugreek to get the added flavour. I like Vietnamese mint a lot, so I added quite a lot. You can add what feels good to you.


105 gr can pink salmon
200 gr cherry bocconcini
1 Lebanese cucumber
1/2 red capsicum
1 small carrot
Vietnamese mint
40 gr pomegranate seeds
150 wholegrain pilau
1 tbs lemon-infused olive oil


Drain the bocconcini and place in serving bowl
Chop cucumber and capsicum and add
Peel and cut the carrot in strips and add
Add the pilau, pomegranate seeds and salmon (including liquid from the can)
Stir to combine
Chop the Vietnamese mint and add
Sprinkle over the oil
Toss thoroughly until all ingredients are combined and the oil and salmon liquid cover the other ingredients.

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