Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Caprese salad with baby octopus and pomegranate

Today is a 41c/105.8f day in Melbourne and lunch was always going to be a salad from what there was in the refrigerator. Cherry bocconcini, tomatoes, cucumber, and basil seemed like a good caprese basis and I added some grilled baby octopus fortuitously purchased from the deli at my beloved Piedimonte's as well as the rest of the pomegranate seeds I had had for breakfast. For a vegetarian alternative, you could just leave out the octopus.

I used dry basil as I have some hanging up to dry in the kitchen and I wanted to use it, but fresh basil would go well and give a fresher taste.  And I just used the dressing that the octopus was in in rather than making anything special.  But you could add what you like, such as a simple oil, vinegar and garlic dressing.


200 gr cherry bocconcini
2 tomatoes
1 Lebanese cucumber
150 gr grilled baby octopus
Basil (dry or fresh)
40 gr pomegranate seeds
Dressing of choice


Drain the bocconcini and place in salad bowl
Wash the tomatoes, cut in wedges and add to the cheese
Slice the cucumber lengthwise and then crosswise (see illustration) and add to bowl
Chop each baby octopus in half or thirds dependeng on size and add.
Add the pomegranate seeds and basil.
Pour over dressing and toss thoroughly.
Serves two

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