Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Breakfast for a hot day

My friend, Trish, is always fascinated by what I have for breakfast as for her bread is the staff of life and she cannot imagine starting the day without her toast.  So this is for you, Trish! Because it makes me feel better, I try to eat as little as possible in the way of sugar and flour essentially.  And that means that I try not to eat bread - at least at home.

I do eat sugar in fruit and vegetables, and carbs in them and in rice and pulse unlike my more obsessive anti-carb friends. But I don't buy fruit yoghurt, for example, as it almost always has added sugar as well as the fruit.  My yoghurt of choice is plain Greek yoghurt (i.e. strained yoghurt) and I add my own fresh and dried and frozen fruit as well as nuts to it. Once I used to strain my own yoghurt, but nowadays there are many varieties available and buying it already strained means that what to do with the whey is someone else's problem.

This is the breakfast I had today to start a 41c day and to keep me company while I struggled with the use of a seemingly forever elusive and elastic Greek verb. Coffee was, of course, also needed as well as cat. I await the verdict of my teacher on my imperfect understanding of the verb, but my breakfast was yummy.


3 heaped soupspoons strained yoghurt
1/2 apple
2 dried figs
20 almonds
35 gr pomegranate seeds


Chop the apple roughly and place in breakfast bowl
Sprinkle with cinnamon
Roughly chop the figs and place in bowl
Add almonds and pomegranate seeds
Top off with the yoghurt

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