Sunday, September 11, 2016

Chia, tahini and kefir

Chia, tahini and kefir indeed, but also currants, dried figs and raspberries are combined in this delicious breakfast.  Yes, you have to have a bit of forethought and prepare it the night before.  But the five minutes preparation the night before is well worth the effort. 

This is another breakfast in my series of "Breakfasts without Bread" for those of my friends who believe that there cannot be breakfast without bread! The amounts, where specified, are for one serve. The photo above is of the breakfast ready to eat, and that below was taken just after the ingredients had been put together.



2 dessertspoons chia seeds
2 tsp tahini
2 dried figs


Place the chia seeds in a bowl for an individual serving
Add the tahini and stir to combine well
Chop figs roughly and add
Pour on enough kefir to fill the bowl
Stir to combine, making sure the chia is not in a pocket
Top with a few raspberries (frozen or fresh)
Sprinkle with currants
Place in the refrigerator overnight


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