Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ceylon Curry Pasties

Having a few days off work before and after Easter means that I have time to do a few things during the week - such as cooking and blogging about it. I have been very slack in this department recently. So what took my fancy on this cold, autumn day in Melbourne? I decided to revisit the idea of cooking pasties. I had last done this just after Christmas to cope with Christmas leftovers.

Today I wanted something warm as I stubbornly refused to turn the heating on during the day. I used a mixture of vegetables which I had on hand as well as ready made short pastry from the freezer. My friend Graham makes his own Ceylon curry powder (ingredients are secret) so I used some of that to add flavour. This made a quick, hot, tasty meal in about an hour.


Brussel sprouts
Red pepper
Short crust pastry
Graham's Ceylon curry powder
1 egg


Preheat oven to 220 c
Take pastry from freezer and leave to thaw for 15 minutes
Chop vegetables and place in steamer with Ceylon curry powder to taste
When vegetables are tender and pastry thawed, roll out puff pastry to desired thickness and using dinner plate or smaller plate if desired cut circles for pasties
Beat egg
Spoon vegetables onto pastry circle, making sure not to overfill
Brush edges of pastry with beaten egg
Bring the edges together and pinch to form pastry
Brush with beaten egg
Repeat to make as many pasties as desired
Bake in 220 c oven until golden
(20-25 minutes)


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