Saturday, October 3, 2009

Butter chicken with Madras curry vegetables

One of the great things about working in Hawthorn is that being located near to Swinburne University there is a fabulous array of Indian eateries. I love being able to dash out at lunch time to grab some butter chicken or other dishes from one of the places where Indian students gather to eat and watch Indian TV. I also like being able to make a quick and easy butter chicken at home. And this is where supplies at Piedimonte's help me and provide the sauce which is the basis for this.

Today is Saturday and so I had time to prepare and simmer the chicken and vegetables and cook rice as one needs to do with Indian food. It is also the start of daylight savings (Blah!) so I should have started to do my simmering earlier. I served the butter chicken with rice and a vegetable dish which I made with Madras curry powder.

Butter Chicken


600 gr chicken thigh pieces
Butter chicken sauce ready prepared
300 ml low fat Greek yoghurt


Heat butter chicken sauce in large pan
Roughly chop chicken thighs
Place chicken pieces in pan over medium heat and cook partially
Add yoghurt and stir through
Simmer on low heat until chicken is tender and sauce thickened.

Madras Curry vegetables


1 onion
Frozen peas
3 potatoes
Frozen broad beans
Madras curry powder
Olive oil


Heat olive oil in saucepan
Chop onion and toss in oil until softened
Slice potatoes and add to mixture
Add Madras curry powder according to taste and stir through
Add frozen peas and beans and mix
Add cup of water and mix
Cover and simmer until tender

Serve the butter chicken and Madras curry vegetables on steamed rice.


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