Saturday, June 18, 2011

#blogjune 12 Turkey and coriander balls

One of the recurrent themes to this blog is definitely meatballs - of all shapes and sizes and used in many different ways. Wandering around the supermarket at lunchtime the other day I saw minced turkey. Hmm, turkey meatballs! There was some lovely fresh coriander as well, so my dinner plans were made. Turkey and coriander meatballs with plum sauce served with sweet chilli sauce stir-fried vegetables!

500 gr minced turkey
1 slice multigrain bread
1 bunch of coriander
1 egg
Olive oil

Place the bread in water to absorb liquid
Roughly chop coriander
Place turkey in bowl
Add coriander and egg and mix
Squeeze excess liquid from the bread and add to mixture
Combine mixture thoroughly using hands
Using a dessertspoon and hands form meatballs
Add oil to pan and heat
Roll balls in flour
Add to oil and seal quickly
Then cook until done turning regularly

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