Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brave New World!

What an amazing world I have found out there in food and cookery blog land! I have been exploring some of them that I came across through Tastespotting and others I have been led to through lists of blogs on the blogs I have bookmarked. This is definitely a brave new world that I want to explore further. The blogs vary from the highly professional and highly specialized to people who just enjoy food and like to blog about their experiences.

I was a bit mystified initially on Tastespotting to see a whole swag of recipes for cheesecake pops. Eventually after reading a few of the blogs I discovered the Daring Bakers Challenge! These cooks were all participating in the the April Daring Bakers Challenge. Someone posts a recipe and everyone registered has a go at it or variants of it. They then blog about it, put it up on Tastespotting or whatever. I don't think there is any competition here: just learning from each other.

And today this time through Souvlaki for the Soul, I came across another online challenge, the Joust, which operates out of the Leftover Queen Forum. Each month someone suggests a few ingredients and members come up with recipes, cook them, illustrate them, blog about them and post them on the Joust site. You need to have a food blog to register; then you can participate and vote for the recipe of the month.

It sounds a bit like the Iron Chef ;>( but is probably a bit less stressful in terms of time-pressure.

I can see that I am going to need to set aside a bit of time each week to catch up with reading all these blogs. Then I need to work out time to do some cooking and experimenting with creating recipes. Fun, fun, fun. And I got the original of Aunty Luce's recipe book yesterday so that is another exciting focus for the librarian in me.

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