Sunday, May 4, 2008

Food Social Networking Sites

I got into this food and cookery blogland via Sandy's Things at Learning 2.1. So I have been interested to find a couple of food social networking sites. Bakespace is touted as the MySpace for cooks and has been an Official Honoree in both the 2007 and the 2008 Webby Awards. You can swap recipes, make friends, blog, message, join Pantry Forums and Tearoom Chat, tag recipes to set up your cookbook and move out into the wider world to buy from Amazon. You can reach me at Bakespace here.

The other site that I kept on coming across is Foodbuzz. Foodbuzz is a site of foodies: you might be someone who likes eating, who enjoys commenting on restaurants, or someone who wants to share recipes or food blogs. You can review restaurants (there are very few in Melbourne, two to be precise, neither of which I had ever heard), and link up with other foodies as friends, read and share recipes and link into foodie blogs. A lot of the foodie blogs I came upon were members of Foodbuzz but it is certainly limited in local interest for Australians, though there are 40 odd Melbourne members. You can follow me on Foodbuzz here and I am interested to see that this blog is feeding there beautifully.

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