Sunday, April 20, 2008


I was amazed in my journeys through ImCooked and TasteSpotting not to hit any recipes for taramasalata - and yes, I did try a range of variant titles. I was thinking that I needed to get out all my Greek cookbooks and post a recipe or even do some cooking and work out my own favoured variant. I confess that it is a very long time since I cooked any Greek dips as so many wonderful ready-made examples are available in Melbourne off the shelf. Given Melbourne's reputation as being the third largest Greek city in the world, this is not surprising ;>).

So before I got to the recipe books, I hit Google and found an Australian recipe there on - the photo is from there. Gourmet traveller also had one and Delia online did too. Mietta's recipes did too, though I thought the addition of cream a bit over the top. And they are just a couple that I picked out! Fortunately making taramasalata is alive and well on Google! How relieved am I! Particularly as it means that I won't have to do major research into the variants and possibilities of tarama just yet.

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