Monday, December 28, 2015

Edible presents #blog12daysxmas Day 4

People tend to know that I like edible Christmas presents, particularly ones that I can use in cooking. This year provided quite a haul. Apart from a stock of Care tea (True Black, Pure Green, Hibiscus Red, and Minty Green), I got Berenberg Chilli jam and Yarra Valley Eggplant and chilli chutney as well as Stefano's Preserved lemons, more Screaming seeds, this time Rainforest season, and some Wild mushroom sea salt. 

The Screaming seeds and the "flavoured" sea salt are new versions of previous gifts which have given me great fun.

What fun will these lead to in 2016?


Tania said...

Looking forward to reading about how you use them :)

Polyxena said...

Stay tuned to my blog! For my rather intermittent posts, I must confess. I set myself the annual goal of twelve posts and will make it this year. Just!


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