Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Raspberry and strained yoghurt icy-poles #blog12daysxmas Day 6

A couple of weeks ago when the mercury hit 41c in Melbourne, I was so cross with myself that I had not had the forethought to make some "icy-poles". However, with hot weather coming up for New Year's Eve and beyond today I got organized and made some. The recipe is very simple: strained yoghurt (what we call Greek yoghurt in Australia) and frozen raspberries.  I just mixed the two ingredients together and spooned the mixture into the moulds. This way you really get both tastes. If you want a sweeter taste, you could add some honey or sugar to the mix, but I prefer the tartness of the raspberry and yoghurt.

I haven't given any measurements but for my moulds I used about three heaped dessertspoons of strained yoghurt and a handful of raspberries for each. But you can experiment depending on what you are making them in. You don't have any moulds? You can make them in muffin tins or make bars wrapped in foil.  Make some before New Year and enjoy in the summer heat!


Strained yoghurt (aka Greek yoghurt)
Frozen raspberries


Place yoghhurts and raspberries in bowl or jug
Mix together until they are well-combined
Spoon into icy pole moulds
Place into freezer for 10 minutes without sticks
Remove from freezer and insert sticks/lids
Return to freezer
Freeze for at least five hours or until solid (overnight is good)
Loosen from mould by holding under warm water

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